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Recipe: Old-Fashioned White Cake

I felt like making a cake, so I did.  My intention was to make a birthday cake for my mother, but she already had one.  But that didn’t stop me from baking during this wintery weekend.  Nothing fancy shmancy, but good ole cake!

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Restaurants Weeks

Yes, weeks.  Plural, baby!

Over the past two weeks, I’ve gone to 4 restaurants for Virginia Beach & Norfolk’s restaurant week(s).  Not as many as I would have liked, but my wallet (& waistline) has already threatened to break up with me, so I didn’t want to push it.

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Recipe: Pad See Ew

Pad See Ew is my favorite Thai dish. For someone who’s still trying new foods, this dish is perfect. I know a lot start eating Pad Thai when trying Thai for the first time, but I didn’t like the peanut mixed in with my food. I read on someone’s blog recently that Pad See Ew literally means “fried with soy sauce.” Um, I like anything fried and I definitely love soy sauce. I mean, I could just eat jasmine rice with soy sauce as a snack.

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Recipe: Filipino Champorado

This is one of my favorite Filipino breakfast/dessert treats.  It took forever to get the recipe from my mother.  I told you, she never taught me how to cook nor did she want to share any recipes.  She hates going “step-by-step” because she says “ebryting ish jez in my hed, yew noe?  Ay!  I deedent write it down!”

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DIY Sushi

1.23 ~ DIY Sushi!

One of my boyfriend’s New Year’s resolutions is to finally make his own sushi.  Last year, every time we went out for sushi, which was almost every week, he would say, “I should make my own sushi!  I could make up different kinds of rolls & stuff!”

Well, over three hours later, he did.  With my help, of course.

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New year, new blog.

Same reason, different blog. I always start off by saying, “It’s a new year!” or “I’m really motivated/inspired to blog about …”

Well, this time.. I’m not going to promise anything. I’m just going to blog. And mainly post photos of food I like, baked, cooked, ate.. you get the picture.

You’re welcome to stay. If not, then thanks for stopping by.


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