DIY Sushi

1.23 ~ DIY Sushi!

One of my boyfriend’s New Year’s resolutions is to finally make his own sushi.  Last year, every time we went out for sushi, which was almost every week, he would say, “I should make my own sushi!  I could make up different kinds of rolls & stuff!”

Well, over three hours later, he did.  With my help, of course.

We went to the huge Asian supermarket this afternoon and managed to spend over $60 on ingredients and a whopping $1.99 on a bamboo mat to roll the sushi.

1.23 ~ DIY Sushi! 1.23 ~ DIY Sushi!
1.23 ~ DIY Sushi! 1.23 ~ DIY Sushi!

It took him over three hours to make the sushi because he wasn’t happy with the sticky rice.  He made three batches:  at first—too sweet, then it was “too vinegar-y” (his words, not mine), and the third, just right.  It’s like a Goldilocks story!

1.23 ~ DIY Sushi!

Anyway, I pretty much helped him prep everything else—miso soup, asian sesame salad, hot & spicy sauce, dry roasted sesame seeds, julienned cucumbers…I’m totally trying to take credit for this meal!

1.23 ~ DIY Sushi! 1.23 ~ DIY Sushi!
1.23 ~ DIY Sushi! 1.23 ~ DIY Sushi!

Rolls could have been rolled tighter, cut better, had more/less of something, but as first-time sushi chefs, I think we did pretty good!  And now what we need to do next time so we don’t take as long.

Hmm, wouldn’t it be fun if I threw a sushi-making party? ;)

1.23 ~ DIY Sushi!
Kirby would be okay with it.  Just make sure to drop some rice.


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