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Help me build my kitchen!

For someone who has recently gotten into cooking, you can imagine how small their collection of tools, gadgets, and tableware is.  Well, that someone is me!  The first time I moved away from home was for college and I wasn’t into cooking/baking the way I am now, so I left everything behind for my roommate.  And when I moved into a small apartment with my boyfriend over a year ago, we bought most of our kitchenware from Ikea.

Don’t get me wrong — Ikea is great for those on a budget, but the quality of their products are reflected in their prices.  Lately, I’ve been on a TJ Maxx/Home Goods, Ross, & Marshalls kick.  I find name brand items for a fraction of the cost and I leave the store completely elated.

But last night, I went to Target and saw Giada’s line…OMG!  Can someone please buy me everything?  I promise I’ll cook/bake you some goodies!  Check out her LookBook here.

So, where do you get your kitchen tools?!



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